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The voiceover industry encompasses anything you hear in animation, video games, film, television and dozens of other specific parts of the industry and products used worldwide.  Voice over by definition is a piece of narration in a movie or broadcast, not accompanied by an image of the speaker.  But it is so much more...


Animation - Cindy Robinson
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Commercials - Cindy Robinson
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Narration - Cindy Robinson
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​Let’s be real, vidja games are sexy.  It’s where the power comes in. The absolute throat ripping awesomeness that can be the equivalent of a primal scream. Oh so, so cathartic. But also… they ask us to dig deep into our acting chops. Games these days are where art meets reality and it contains some of the "best writing I’ve ever experienced" ~ Cindy

Here’s a brief list:

Video Games


Let’s give “Uncredited” the credit it's due!  Ironically, looping is the silent star of many films and television shows. 

You know that mysterious, unseen police dispatch voice you heard at the beginning of Ryan Gosling’s “Drive”?  (That was Cindy.)  The Emergency Broadcast system voice announcing the beginning of The Purge in “The Purge” movies?  (Also, Cindy.) 


The computer voice of impending doom in White House Down?”  The screams and bloody deaths of the women of Rob Zombie’s “Halloween?” The gagging, vomiting, hacking coughs from pretty much any female character in “Gotham?”  The majority of the sex noises from the voraciously hot chickadees in “Entourage” and “Californication?” Some of the monster voices in “Predators?” (Yooooou guessed it! Cindy, Cindy, Cindy aaaaaaand Cindy.)

Here’s a brief list of some of Cindy’s looping credits:

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