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PETER PAN                                                                        National Tour/Broadway Co

"But the one place where this show...{is} clearly superior to the Mary Martin Version is in the character of Wendy."    

Los Angeles Times, Friday, June 8, 1990

ANNIE GET YOUR GUN                                                  Casa Manana, Ft. Worth, TX

"Robinson's exuberant personality and vivacious vibrato were just what this little show needed.  Robinson could've sung "Happy Birthday" for two hours and found a way to make it energetic and entertaining."                             

TWT, June 12, 1998

"Robinson is smashing.This petite dynamo captures the girlish air of Annie.  Robinson polishes off these comic numbers with spunk and sass.  ...she gets to display a lovely...legit voice.  Robinson wrestles every lyric to bend it to her portrayal.  The stars don't disappoint."                         

Star Telegram, June 3, 1998


SONG AND DANCE         Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma, Florida Studio Theatre Deaf West, Los Angeles

“Cindy Robinson takes L.A. by storm!

“…pixie powerhouse…”


Not to worry, love.  Robinson delivers, and then some.  Robinson's versions of the show's two hits, "Unexpected Song" and "Tell Me on a Sunday" are worth the price of admission.  When a performer lays it all on the line like this, belting from the bottom of her heart and soul and hitting notes with this much vocal power, it's impressive.                                                                Oklahoma Gazette, July 1997

"Robinson is winning, in great voice, very much in control...and connects beautifully to the audience.”                        

The Longboat Observer, Nov. 14, 1996

"Cindy Robinson is dynamic as the magnetic center of all twenty-five musical numbers.  A splendid performance."               Pelican Press, Nov. 28, 1996

THE WORLD GOES ‘ROUND                Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma, Rubicon Theatre


Robinson...has incredible range, strength and emotion in a mature voice that belies her "cutie pie" petiteness. She controls every nuance of her performance.  When she's onstage, it's difficult to watch anyone else."     

Escort, June 8, 1997

CANDIDE                                                                           Alliance Theatre, Atlanta, GA


"...witness the exquisite soprano of Ms. Robinson's walking sugar plum, Cunegonde.  Seriously now, could Bernadette Peters have been this impressive at 20?"  

Atlanta Journal/Constitution, April 22, 1988

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